Little Zoe's Catering

Little Zoe’s is New England’s premier option for catered artisan pizza and more. Little Zoe’s mobile kitchen can provide service to groups large or small.

We bring the restaurant to you!

Pizza Party Feast

We can provide an amazing selection of pizzas for your guests with Little Zoe’s Party Feast. Prepared in our kitchen prior to your event, our dough is hand made, using old world techniques of fermentation and aging, we then top them with the freshest, most delicious ingredients and cheeses available. We then deliver and bake them on location almost anywhere.

These large pizzas are 16 inches in diameter and are enough for 3-5 adults. With 4 styles of pizza dough in either a thin or traditional thickness, 12 incredible sauces and 70+ premium toppings to choose from, you can create anything or choose any of our combinations to satisfy all of your guests needs.

Served buffet style; your guests get the largest selection of hot pizzas, crisp fresh salads, and savory or sweet additions. Perfect for large to very large groups or events requiring a specific dining time.

Serves from 100 to 350 people
Orders must be complete 10 business days prior to your event
Additions available. Minimum order requirement.

Fire Box Pizzas | For events that are more of a party

Using our handmade dough this thin-crust brick-oven style pizza is crispy, delicious, and can be made to order or served as a buffet
With our mobile kitchen we can serve your entire party anything they want from the menu you have created. Choose the combinations and additions you want available and we can provide your guests all they care to eat through the duration of your party.
 When served as a buffet we provide a constant supply of delicious pizzas for all of your guests for the entire service period. You choose the pizzas and variety and we keep the table full with hot fresh pizzas. With a variety of options available to fit your budget we will wow your guests with the quality of our ingredients and flavor of our food.
Additions  – ask your event coordinator for a full list of our many options. Minimum order required.

We Do More then Just Pizza

Little zoe's Catering

It’s true that we do amazing pizza but that’s not all we do. Whether you are looking for cocktail appetizers, late night refreshment or dessert service we can satisfy your taste buds. Using wholesome natural ingredients, much of which can be sourced through local farms*, we can create delicious menus to either start your party, finish off the night or just keep rolling through your event.

*Local ingredients are seasonal and availability varies.

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