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Hi Little Zoe's!  

I just wanted to shoot you guys an email to let you know how thrilled,

completely satisfied, and amazed I was last evening with you guys and my

Little Zoe's pizza!

~Thrilled that you were finally open in Keene!

~Completely satisfied with the friendliness and customer service that I


~Amazed with the quality, freshness, and taste of the pizza that I had

ordered (The Works)

I've already told co-workers and friends about you and you will

definitely see me and other A### employees very soon!

Thank you,




The pizza that I purchased from you on Friday was excellent.

We ordered a traditional with bacon and sausage.

My daughter is now a big fan.

Having hot pizza out of our oven in Hancock is a great convenience.


We will be back.  Good luck.



Kelly R

Had the Mia pizza last night! Absolutely awesome! Thanks guys!!!! :)

Amy C S

I think you have the best pizza I've ever tasted! Yummy!

Jenn C

Got my first pizza from you the other night and froze it on my porch for 2 days before baking it and devouring it! It was SO good! We loved the thin crust! I'm definitely coming back for more! Do you have any plans on bringing the menu to Antrim somehow? What if you could sell them through the Marketplace? Just an idea. I wish we lived closer to Keene

Jaime R


Frank D

Had the Mia pizza tonight, it was AMAZING! This will definitely be our sole choice for pizza in town from now on!

Hey, thanks for a great dinner. We will be back.


Joel C

Holy smokes, dinner was great! Thanks

Sarah M

We LOVED our Lola! Best pizza we've had in a loooong time!

Awesome pizza! We will definitely pass the word! Best of luck!

Bob & Cindy T

Christopher V

Oh man, that Green Goddess rocked my world.

John Z

I have known Ed since he and his father were running the Foodee's in Hillsboro, they made a great pizza then and now it's even gotten better . Kudos to ed & melanie for there up and coming business.. P.S. I have already had three or four and they are " Simply Marvelous Darling " Zeker

Hannah C

We had an amazing buffet of your pizzas last night. I absolutely fell in LOVE with the Wyoming with the ground beef, roasted corn, peppers and fresh mozz. Wow!!! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!

I brought the pizza’s home and my family absolutely loved them! They were all delicious and cooked perfectly. We are all big fans and looking forward to ordering a lot more take and bake pizzas.


Maureen M

Heather M

We tried Little Zoe's Pizza after meeting little Zoe herself. We couldn't decide between Green Goddess or the rustic sauce on rosemary-parmesan crust, so we got a pizza with half of each. It didn't look that hard to make...- but after we got it in the oven at home, I could smell that this was AMAZING PIZZA! And it was. Wow! Sorry, Sherman, this is my new favorite pizza place!

Lori C

Two thumbs up (if I had more thumbs they'd be up as well) for The Maiden on rosemary parmesan crust. First time Little Zoe's customer and I'll definitely be back for more. By far, the best pizza I've ever had!

Audrey H S

Had the parmesan and rosemary crust with the rustic sauce... delicious!

George D

Just tried Little Zoe's. It was great!!!

Matthew P

The Best Pizza in town!!!

Dave K

Just finished dinner, it was absolutely delicious - I love that families can pop something fresh in the oven even when there's no time to prepare it!

Jason D

Little Zoe's is one of the best pizza joints in town, and there is no shortage of pizza places in Keene.

Tim K

I had my first pizza from Little Zoe's last night. Had some friends over and was getting hungry for something fresh so we decided to give Little Zoe's a try. We custom ordered our pizza. Ended up ordering a pizza with sun dried tomatoes, grilled artichoke hearts, and spinach on a honey whole wheat thin crust, with the pesto sauce.

Well let me say... the best pizza by far we have found in Keene! Please keep up the good work over there. See you again soon. I will also do my best to get the word out to other hungry souls in Keene.

Doug W

Just wanted to say great pizza. Tonight was our first time in and we will definitely be a repeat costumer. As a side, I was the guy from Oregon. Looking forward to more visits.

I came in for the first time today - and had 1 extra cheese & onion; and one chicken & broccoli with alfredo sauce.   They were excellent!   Even my picky husband fell in love.  Thank you so much, and we will definitely be back for more. 

Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving

Cathy M.

Many thanks for a great pie. My wife and I were in spur of the moment yesterday as we wanted to try this for a while and are very glad we did. We had the large, thin rosemary crust, traditional red sauce with bacon, kalmata olives and green pepper.  We don usually’t bake pizza at home due to some local disappointing pies. Not so with yours! The smell of the rosemary crust was permeating the kitchen before we even cooked it and after, we enjoyed the essence throughout the evening. Great toppings, flavors that really ‘pop’ and easy, easy baking. We’ll be working on that frequent pizza fan card for sure and will have to work through the rest of the crusts, sauces and toppings. We’re really looking forward to it!

Thanks again,

Brian and Kay S.

Little Zoe’s