We Have often been asked “Where does the name come from?” or “Why little Zoe’s?”.  I first must start with a little history.  I started making pizzas when I was 12 years old. It was for my father who started Foodee’s Pizza in Hillsborough NH. I have been making pizza for over 30 years.  When Our children were very young and I was pursuing other ventures I would make pizza at home, but because of the amount time and effort involved i didn’t make it often. 

    Our daughter Zoe’s Fourth birthday was approaching and she was asked, like many children are, “What do you want to do on your birthday?”  It is certain that some time had been devoted to this decision prior to the question as she was certain and quick with her response. “I want a pizza party.”  This did not take us by complete surprise, for some of her friends had also had pizza party’s at local establishments in the recent past.  Not your typical restaurants, these establishments also had various climbing structures and gaming areas to entertain the patrons, the poor quality food served there being more of an afterthought then a centerpiece of the establishment.  Certain that this is what she meant we asked her where she wanted to go.

“Do you want to go to that place that Jordan had his birthday?”


“The place that with the giant play structure, you know, the one that Abby had her party at?”


“The place where Casey had his party?”

“No!, I don’t like their pizza, I want a pizza party.”

“So where do you want to have your party?”

“Here, home”

“Where do you want to get your pizza from then?”

We queried her, offering a few more options, none of which were to her satisfaction. “Where do you want to get your pizza from then?”

“I want daddy to make it, it’s the only pizza I like.”

That’s the story, simple and true.